Fishing can be difficult but knowing how to tie your knot securely is very important. You must securely tie your line to your reel and your hooks, lures, and other tackles to your line. iFishinKnots covers the top fifteen fishing knots to meet every fishing need in a manner that makes learning to tie them pretty much straight forward from
your iPhone. It is not necessary to know how to tie a lot of knots but it is important to know how to tie a few essential good ones, and to know which knots suit the material being used. It is suggested that you select only those few knots that are of greatest use to you, and practice tying them until they become second nature to you. The weakest link between the fish and you is the knot; hence a few hours of practice tying a knot will make the difference. Remember this, it’s not the hook, not the line or other terminal tackle, it’s the knot that will land you the ‘Catch Of The Day’.

Why settle for knot printed on paper or bulky books? Get the best fifteen fishing knots on your iPhone or iPod Touch now.


* Top fifteen knots used in fishing including illustrations and animations.
* To tie the knot, follows the step by step illustrations or watch the animations.
* With fish jokes and facts to help you enjoy your fishing trips.
* A help page.