Genin Run

 Genin RunSuper Genin Run - Jump and Runner Game through the fantastic World of adventure.
Be careful, full of monsters and they will do everything to stop Genin.

A fun game for everyone, Through each World, you will enjoy the different levels.


Khmer Sticker Pack, the perfect expansion to your existing iMessage emojis.

Express yourself in new ways with dynamic and animated Khmer Stickers.


Parents worldwide are discovering iKhmer app that offers the best-quality, interactive eBooks for children.


iKhmerFamily is an interactive story book introducing family members for children to Read-Along. Your child can read the texts by themselves or choose to


A beautiful Khmer Chess application for the casual player.  Play against your friends or family members over bluetooth connection.  Whether you’re just starting out or want to show your skills to a friend, iKhmerChess has something for you!


Have you ever wanted to learn to speak the khmer language but think you couldn’t do it. Why not learn with iSpeakKhmer on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is so simple and convenience. You’ll be amazed how easy and fast it is to know some of the basic phrases and words to make you feel like you’re one of the locals.


Fishing can be difficult but knowing how to tie your knot securely is very important. You must securely tie your line to your reel and your hooks, lures, and other tackles to your line. iFishinKnots covers the top fifteen fishing knots to meet every fishing need in a manner that makes learning to tie them pretty much straight forward from